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All rental prices include
 Terms of Rent 
bullet24-hours rent;
bulletThe rental prices include VAT;
bulletUnlimited mileage;
bulletAll passengers' seats insurance;
bulletThird Party Liability insurance higher level, according to the Government regulations;
bulletCollision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) and Theft Protection (T.P.) cover renter's responsibility for damages and theft of the rented vehicle with the exeption of:
bulletAny damages and breakdowns on the interior and the exterior, on the vehicle undercarriage (suspension, tires, wheel rims, etc.) which are not caused by a fire or an accident.
bulletAny damages and breakdowns caused by driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
bulletAny damages and breakdowns caused by inappropriate use of the vehicle, high or inappropriate speed, non-compliance with the road conditions and when a written statement from the Police is not presented in case of accident or damage.
bulletWhen the car keys, documents or removable stereo are left in the car.
bulletPrepaid road taxes;
bullet24-hour emergency phone support in case of technical problem or accident;
bulletExchange of the rented vehicle in cases of breakdowns through Company's fault;